Obama Info
Updated 4/28/15

1. His Birth - President Barack Hussein Obama

Some have said Obama is ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America because he was born outside the limits set in the U.S. Constitution.

To better understand whether President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii or in a foreign country, in early 2012 I asked my assistant, Susan Ley, to contact the Hawaii State Public Library System and request copies of newspapers for the dates they published [if they did] the birth announcement of Barack Hussein Obama.
In response to our question, we received copies of the following from the Hawaii State Public Library System:
  1. Hawaii newspaper front pages and birth announcement of a son for Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama:

  2. The Hawaii State Public Library System letter dated 2/28/12 signed acknowledging copies were made by the library system

  3. The “Bill For Collection” dated 2/28/12 in the amount of $15

  4. The envelope from “Hawaii State Library” to my assistant at the time Susan Ley